Chimney Sweep Oxford: Keep Your Fireplace Safe & Efficient

Searching for “chimney sweep Oxford”? Look no further!

We’re fully accredited members of NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps), dedicated to keeping your fireplace safe and efficient. We have over 30 years experience servicing Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.

Why is annual cleaning essential? Soot build up from fuel like wood, coal, or smokeless fuels restricts airflow, increasing fire risk and carbon monoxide leaks. With each sweep, we ensure proper ventilation and peace of mind, providing an NACS-issued certificate recognized by insurance companies.

Planning a new stove installation? Let us prepare your chimney with a thorough sweep beforehand! We also offer:

  • Smoke testing: This comprehensive inspection helps identify flue or liner issues by simulating smoke flow.
  • CCTV inspection: Gain a detailed visual assessment of your chimney in just 2 hours, complete with a recording for your records.
  • Bird nest removal and prevention: Don’t let pesky nests block your flue! We efficiently remove them and install bird guards for future protection.

Ready for a professional chimney sweep in Oxford? Contact us today! to schedule an appointment and breathe easy knowing your fireplace is in expert hands.